Are you facing personal challenges you didn't want and can't figure out what to do with?  Have you experienced pain and suffering from current or past hurts?  Join us for a weekend in the beautiful Arizona Mongollon Rim and find a new path leading to greater peace, joy, and personal fulfillment. 

What is the
Finding Peace Retreat?

The Finding Peace Retreat is a 3-day, intensive, experiential training based on the Amazon Best-Selling Book, Finding PeaceThe weekend creates a place of healing from past or present pain using new, cutting edge technology for greater joy, happier relationships, and deeper fulfillment.

 Learn new skills to heal from the pain, rewrite internal negative messages of shame, and develop mindfully compassionate habits to be kinder to yourself. Discover your truth! Connect with your inner light that ignites your power, connection, and purpose.


Attendees will:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of attachment theory as it relates to shame and how it can emerge as an obstacle to prevent individuals from progressing in living healthier, happier lives.
  • Examine how individual shame can interfere with therapeutic outcomes.
  • Learn at least three grounding techniques that can be used with individuals in emotional or physical distress.
  • Explore practical skills for identifying and rewriting negative cognitions.
  • Apply methods such as creativity and gratitude in healing attachment wounds.
  • Complete exercises individually, in pairs, and in the group using the Finding Peace techniques, approaches, and perspectives which will deepen their work with self and others.

There are only 4 spaces left for our upcoming retreat.  

Don't wait to apply until it is too late.


If you want freedom,  a network of support,  to believe you are enough, and learn resiliency and self-compassion tools, the Finding Peace retreat is for you.

The following are examples of participants who match the retreats objectives:

You strive to be healthier physically and emotionally. On the outside, you look happy and content, but spiritually you feel lost, depressed, and disconnected.  You are lonely, even though there are people all around you. You long for deeper, more meaningful connections with your family members, significant other, and friends. You are incredibly hard on yourself and the word "self-care" doesn't seem to be in your vocabulary.

You're a dedicated professional who works hard. You do your best to keep work at work and home at home.  You're exhausted emotionally and spiritually. You keep putting one foot in front of the other,  and you don't give up, but you are tired.  You carry painful wounds from the past and have done your best to keep these hidden from coworkers and friends alike.  You are prone to isolation and yet you crave connection at the same time. You want to believe that you are enough. You want to have hope.

You are hurting and trapped in a cycle of numbing to relieve the pain only to feel worse afterwards. You have done recovery work and have achieved a level of sobriety. At the same time, because of your past choices, your life feels like it is hanging by a thread.  Trust has been broken and you fear that it will never be restored. You worry about whether your relationships are going to improve and you are certain that if things don't change, your future will be dark.

Who Facilitates The Finding Peace Retreat?

The Finding Peace Retreat was created by Troy L. Love, LCSW, Amazon Best-Selling Author and President of Yuma Counseling Services. With over 20 years of mental health experience, Troy's passion is to help you find healing from attachment wounds, connect with your core truth, and discover the amazing positive impact you can make in the world.

The Finding Peace Retreat is facilitated by professionals trained in trauma related interventions, emotional processing, family systems, individual and group work. These professionals have dedicated their careers to facilitating healing.   Although these individuals are licensed, your attendance at the retreat does not constitute a client- therapist relationship. Participants will be screened prior to being approved to attend the retreat to ensure that the weekend is appropriate for and meets the needs of the participants.  

When is the Next Retreat?

October 18 - 21, 2018

The retreat will be held in Payson, Arizona. 90 minutes from the Phoenix International Airport. The next retreat begins in...


What is the Investment?

The Finding Peace Retreat is $375. It includes meals, lodging, and training materials.  

There are a limited number of spaces, so reserve your spot by applying today.

This is a significantly reduced first-time offer.  Future retreats will not be held at this price. 

37 CEUs available and approved by NASW AZ Chapter.

31 CEUs available by the California Nurses Association

There are only 4 spaces left for our upcoming retreat.  

Don't wait to apply until it is too late.

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